Devendra Banhart @ Hollywood Bowl

Devendra TV

live bowl


Devendra TV



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Goldfrapp @ Glastonbury

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Historia De Mi Vida

Alexander Laurence hemos publicado tu texto HISTORIA DE MI VIDA en el número

14 de rasgadodeboca


El número 14 de rasgadodeboca ya está en Internet


Con una verdadera apertura, total… en dirección horizontal… Les presentamos

este anticatálogo de ideas en torno al arte NO convencional Comenzando el

mes de Julio del 2008



Una de las mejores noticias que nos han llegado fue que l*a Ley del Servicio

Nacional** **de Inteligencia y Contrainteligencia** *que en verdad* **era


**Gracias a Dios ha sido DEROGADA... Por ahora**... *

*OJO... ***

*Esta ley solo está detenida y conociendo al personaje no nos extraña que la

saque de nuevo camuflada de otra tonalidad rojita... ***

*¿¿¿¿¿¿ gato por liebre, sapo por liebre ??????? ***

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COLDER "Wrong Baby"

READ the groundbreaking COLDER interview here: http://portable-infinite.blogspot.com/2005/01/colder-interview.html
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Hecuba @ The Echo xoxo



Hecuba June 2008

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Common People

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These New Puritans @ The Echo


these puritans



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For Immediate Release


NEW YORK - June 20, 2008 - The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD), a global leader in
digital music and entertainment, and TVT Records, one of America's premier
independent labels, today announced that The Orchard was selected as the winning
bidder in a bankruptcy auction held yesterday in New York City to purchase TVT
Records. Under the terms of its bid, The Orchard would assume control of TVT's
catalogue of recorded masters, artist contracts and physical record
distribution infrastructure, among other assets, but excluding its holdings in its music publishing subsidiary.

The acquisition is expected to close on or before July 3rd, 2008, although
there can be no assurances that the transaction will close as it is subject to
court approval, customary closing conditions and finalization of the purchase
agreement between the parties.

Commenting on the purchase, The Orchard's President and Chief Executive
Officer Greg Scholl said, "TVT has been a pioneering independent label that has
operated since its inception proudly outside of the traditional music industry,
and that pioneering spirit is a great fit with The Orchard's mission and
mandate. Along with a great catalogue of chart-topping music, TVT has a formidable
artist roster, with major hip-hop talents and a phenomenal pipeline of
developing artists. We look forward to working with these artists, and where it
makes sense, in conjunction with other Orchard clients and partners, to support
their artistic vision and maximize their commercial potential."

TVT Records President Steve Gottlieb said, "After 23 years and 25 plus Gold
and Platinum releases, I am delighted to see TVT's catalogue and roster move to
a company so deeply engaged in developing the digital future of the music
business. My energies will now focus on the continued growth of TVT Music as a
premier music publisher, as well as following on with my consulting and
co-investing with VC's in early stage internet ventures."

About The Orchard®

The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) controls and globally distributes more than 1.1
million songs and over 3,000 hours of video programming through hundreds of
digital stores (e.g. iTunes, eMusic, Google, Netflix) and mobile carriers (e.g.
Verizon, Vodafone, Bell Canada, Moderate, 3). With operations in 28 countries,
The Orchard drives sales for its label, retailer, brand, and agency clients
through innovative marketing and promotional campaigns; brand entertainment
programs; and film, advertising, gaming and television licensing. A pioneer in
digital music and media services, The Orchard fosters creativity and independence.
For more information, please visit us at www.theorchard.com. The Orchard is
a registered trademark and The Orchard logo is a service mark of Orchard
Enterprises NY, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About TVT Records

Founded by Steve Gottlieb, TVT Records has been a leading independent music
label since its inception in 1985. The label introduced the world to such
groundbreaking artists as Nine Inch Nails, Ja Rule and Lil Jon and has earned over
25 Gold, platinum and multi-platinum records. Billboard Magazine recognized
TVT as the number one independent record label for five consecutive years (2001
- 2006). The label's current roster includes Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins,
Pitbull, Default, Ambulance LTD, Yo Gotti, Keke Wyatt, The Polyphonic Spree, The
Cinematics, The Holloways, Bobaflex, New Year's Day and more.
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Martha Wainwright @ Troubadour




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Ladytron Interview 2008

LADYTRON interview 2008
By alexander laurence

I did one of the first interviews with Ladytron in 2000. They had an EP out
then. I spoke to Daniel Hunt before they had played any live shows. I met
Daniel in New York City during one of his first visits there. Since then they have
released four albums and have toured the world. Recently they have released a
new album called Velocifero (2008).

The members are Daniel Hunt, Reuben Wu, Mira Arroyo, and Helen Marnie. The
band started in Liverpool in 1999. Their albums include 604 (2001), Light &
Magic (2002), and Witching Hour (2005). They have become famous DJs and remixers
over the years. I spoke to Reuben Wu in May 2008, during their recent American

AL: I did an interview with Daniel Hunt back in November 2000. I had heard
the first single and a version of the first album. What do you remember about
that time, and how is the band different now?

Reuben: It’s very different when we first started. Everything happened very
slowly. Things worked very differently back then. We have learned how to be a
band. When we first started it was a part-time thing. Danny and me still had
jobs. Helen and Mira were still students. It was a very slow process getting
known and getting airplay. It was strictly a studio project at first.

AL: Did Danny write most of the first album?

Reuben: Danny had already been in a few bands before Ladytron. He had built
up a collection of tracks. He had written much of the first album over a few
years. Most of it had been in different stages of being finished. When we
started working on the music, most of the demos for the first album were already
done. In that way, it wasn’t written as an album, but more a collection of
songs. The next album, Light & Magic, was more like an album. As we go along,
the albums are more coherent.

AL: When I first heard Ladytron, I was thinking of techno bands like
Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, and some John Foxx. But when I listen to it now, it sounds
more like indie rock bands of the time.

Reuben: We have never been embraced by the techno world because we are too
song based. We have always been by ourselves and not comparable to other bands.
When we play these festivals that are almost like raves, we stick out because
we are too rock and roll. And when we play with indie rock bands, we don’t fit
in either.

AL: When did the band start playing live?

Reuben: It was some time after the second album. Our earliest shows were not
live at all. We had a playback tape. We were just miming back then. We didn’t
start out as a live band. We couldn’t go out on the road because we all had
jobs. We could only do one show at a time. That has pretty much changed over the
years. We are pretty much a live band now.

AL: Now bands have to tour if they want to survive.

Reuben: Exactly. I realize more and more that an album is like a yardstick,
or merely a blueprint, for the live show. We have played all over the world. We
have toured consistently for three years.

AL: When you first started playing, everyone one was calling this music
Electroclash. All these bands like you, Adult, Fisherspooner, Peaches, and others
didn’t really have anything to do with each other. What did you think of all

Reuben: Exactly. That was more about a group of bands that came out of
Williamsburg at that time. But it seemed to embrace a bunch of bands from all over
the world. We had never known about that area and about those bands. They
seemed to be more about doing music with keyboards. We were never a band that
talked about instrumentation. We were always about songs. There are bands now that
electronic bands and have keyboards, and they are not called Electroclash.
Although these labels were frustrating at the time, it all brought that music
more into the mainstream a bit. There are bands now like Soulwax Nite Versions
and LCD Soundsystem who would have been called Electroclash back in 2001. They
have seemed to have leapfrogged the whole thing.

AL: Many of these Electroclash bands are not around anymore.

Reuben: We were doing our own thing. When we were in Los Angeles doing our
second record, we were oblivious to all that. We were more concerned with being
ourselves and not reflecting anything going on. It was such a relief when the
second album came out. We wanted to distance ourselves from all that. The
second album was like a bookend to the whole Electroclash thing.

AL: Has the last few albums been more collaborative?

Reuben: Yes. They have been. Each record has been different. But it’s good to
have all members contributing to the band when you have four members in the
band. Things have evolved over the years. I think that the next record will be
way different. Over the years I think each record gets better and better.
Velocifero is the most diverse and most cohesive record we have done.

AL: You don’t worry about the singles?

Reuben: We do identify which songs are potential singles, but, to be honest,
I think we are much more an album band. I like to think of us as making a
collection. It’s a package without any filler.

AL: What new influences shaped the making of the new record?

Reuben: For Witching Hour: we were happy with the sound of it. But we wanted
to work more on the bass end of things. We wanted a harder drum sound. On this
new record we worked on the production. We are all big fans of the prog-rock
band Goblin. They were an Italian band in the mid-1970s that did a bunch of
horror soundtracks. I was listening to Goblin when I did the track “Black Cat.”
I feel like the album is more psychedelic as well. We started to do some of
this on Witching Hour. Those songs worked better at this time.

AL: I heard that you already have another album ready to go?

Reuben: We were on tour for so long, that we wrote thirty songs. We had to
select songs to be on this album, and that left fifteen songs. I am not sure
what it is going to be yet. It is just a collection of demos at the moment. It is
more downtempo. It’s more like a soundtrack. We haven’t been able to work
on it, but the songs are there. We hope to release it in the next six months.

AL: These are songs that didn’t fit in the album, but had a cohesion in

Reuben: There was a different energy. It’s just a bunch of demos at the
moment. Hopefully we have some down time in the next few months to work on these
songs some more.

AL: What is the live show like? You still play with six people?

Reuben: It’s always been six people. There is the four of us with a live
drummer and a person who plays bass guitar and keyboards. I think that we have
become tighter as a band over the years. We incorporate much more sounds from the
album in our live show.

AL: What was going on before?

Reuben: Before any electronic sounds were triggered by drum samples. We still
have triggered drum samples and other sounds that can’t be created live. We
are such a complicated band and we have so many layers of sound. It’s very
tricky to reproduce those sounds onstage, especially live.
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Vetiver Interview 2008

BY Alexander Laurence

Vetiver is a folk band based in San Francisco. They started around 2003. Andy
Cabic writes most of the songs and has been the main person in the band all
these years. Andy Cabic moved to the Bay Area and met up with people like
Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgeson. Their first album Vetiver came out in 2004.
They toured with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom that summer. The second
album found Vetiver defining its unique sound more. To Find Me Gone (2006) moved
away from being a Devendra Banhart side-project, and became something in its
own right. The Vetiver band as we know now it was assembled around this time,
with Cabic (Guitar/Vocals), Brent Dunn (Bass), Sanders Trippe (Guitar/Vocals),
Otto Hauser (Drums, and Kevin Barker (Guitar). Vetiver started several long
tours at this time. Cabic also was a member of Devendra Banhart’s touring band at
the same time.

Now they are releasing Thing Of The Past (2008). It is a covers record with
songs by Loudon Wainwright III, Biff Rose, Ian Matthews, Garland Jeffreys,
Hawkwind, Townes Van Zandt, and Michael Hurley. The record features the Vetiver
band, plus appearances by Michael Hurley and Vashti Bunyan, as well as Dave
Scher, Jonathan Wilson, Emma Smith, and The Chapin Sisters. Vetiver is off for a
two-month tour of Europe. I spoke with Cabic at its sold out show at the
Troubadour in May 2008. He was just excited having seen Mudcrutch at the Fillmore.

AL: I saw you play a very early show as Vetiver in 2003. It was you with
Alissa Anderson and Jim Gaylord. The band is a lot different now. When did this
band start to come together?

Andy: Right after To Find Me Gone came out, I started to put this band
together. I had toured with Kevin and Otto before in Europe, with Devendra and
Alissa. We all played on the second record. Sanders and Brent are old friends of
mine from North Carolina. We also did a short tour with Viking Moses.

AL: Why did you do this covers record?

Andy: I didn’t have a record of my own stuff ready to go. I was still writing
the next album. I wanted to try out some stuff with this new band, and with
Thom Monahan. This new band hadn’t tracked anything. We had recorded some stuff
in a studio in Sacramento. We recorded some stuff live. We hadn’t done that
before. The first two records were done in layers. We added in some guitars.
The first record me and Devendra would play live and add stuff. It was fun to do
this record. Some of the songs we had been playing live, and others I thought
we could bring something to them.

AL: I remember you used to do a Randy Newman song. Some of these people like
Garland Jeffreys, I hadn’t heard that name in a while.

Andy: I know. I know most of these artists through their records. I have
never seen any of these artists play live.

AL: How did you curate this album?

Andy: I just chose songs that I thought we could do well. These are songs
that I love. These are songs that meant a lot to me, but I didn’t hear anyone
discussing these artists. At the time, it was having fun. At the time I wasn’t
analyzing it too much. Now I am being asked a bunch of questions about it.

AL: How long have you been listening to Garland Jefferys?

Andy: Everything weaves around to something else. Jeffreys’ first album was
on Atlantic. His backing band was called Grinder’s Switch. Grinder’s Switch
played on an early John Cale record, that also had a song by Garland Jeffreys. I
must have found out about Jeffrey through John Cale. I found his record in a
store and fell in love with a few tunes on there, like “Eggs” and “Lon

AL: Who does that song “Houses?”

Andy: That is by Elyse Weinberg. That is on a re-issue that Orange Twin did a
few years back. That song wasn’t on the first record. It was on a second
record she did with Neil Young, and it never came out.

AL: Some of these people like Michael Hurley actually played on your record?

Andy: Hurley? Yeah. He stopped by a session to help out and he stayed with us
for a while. We have toured with him before. We have toured with Vashti.


AL: Vashti Bunyan played on the record?

Andy: She did. She sang on the record.

AL: Jonathan Wilson played on the record. He is a guy who plays in Los
Angeles a lot.

Andy: Yeah. He played on one track. We have done a lot of shows with him.

AL: Have you toured a lot this year?

Andy: Things have just started. We played with Gary Louris. We played with
him as his backing band and supported him.

AL: You played with Jolie Holland?

Andy: Yeah. We played a couple shows. Last time we played in Los Angeles was
with Bright Eyes, but before that was with Jolie Holland.

AL: Are you playing with Devendra Banhart this summer?

Andy: I am going to miss some of the shows. He is playing some festivals this
summer. He is playing at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and the Hollywood
Bowl. We are playing Glastonbury at the same time. I haven’t seen the lineup
but we will only be there one day.

AL: What do you think of the European Festivals?

Andy: It varies from country to country. I had the best time playing the
Greenman Festival in Wales. That is the best festival that I have been too. We
haven’t played a ton of festivals.

AL: What about the “Been So Long” remix. How did that come about?

Andy: That was me and Thom experimenting. We were trying to do different
things. Those were two songs that I thought had some possibilities that had

AL: It was like a dub version?

Andy: Yeah, one is like that. The other is like a techno shuffle.

AL: What do you think of this “Freak Folk” label?

Andy: I don’t think too much about that. People should revisit that concept
and improve upon it. It seems like a weak and lazy category.

AL: Now that all those bands have a few albums out, it seems to ..

Andy: Things are changing. It’s more about the lens of people writing about
it and how they chose to look at it, rather than the artists themselves. It’s a
false construct. It’s a straw man. I treat so lightly. I don’t even care at
this point. It makes less sense when we come out with each new record.

AL: You make fun of labeling with Myspace.

Andy: Yeah. I did that when I first signed up for Myspace. I don’t care for
the labels.

AL: When are you going to start on the next record?

Andy: We started on the new record recently. Hopefully we will have it out by
next year.

AL: Do some songs you have recorded don’t get played live?

Andy: We don’t play “The Porter.” Nobody in the band lives in San Francisco,
so we have to rehearse new songs a few weeks before a tour.

AL: Do you practice a lot?

Andy: Not really. Our first few shows are practice.

AL: Are there any new bands that you like?

Andy: This band from San Jose called The Mumlers. I think they are good. I
like the new records by Sebastian Tellier and Panda Bear. We are playing with
Kelley Stoltz.

AL: How is it in San Francisco?

Andy: I try to check things out when I am there, but I am gone a lot.

AL: People like yourself and Joanna Newsom and Noah Georgeson started out
there, but have moved on.

Andy: They don’t live there anymore. Noah is in Los Angeles and Joanna has
moved back to Nevada City.

AL: Has there been a lot of hometown support in San Francisco?

Andy: Everywhere is the same. It’s been very organic. We have been steadily
becoming popular. But we have bigger audiences in SF, LA and New York. That is
how it is for most artists.

AL: So what is it like to go to the South or the Midwest?

Andy: We are doing that more with this record. We hope to go to new places in
America with this record and the next record. We haven’t done that before
with the new band.

AL: What is the plan for the rest of the year?

Andy: This record is coming out. We might do a follow-up EP. We recorded more
songs than the album. We are going to tour more and finish this album. We are
touring the east coast in August.

AL: You played in Iceland. What was that like?

Andy: It was great. Everyone in Iceland is amazing. They have the standard
rock clubs there.

AL: Any good books to recommend?

Andy: Black Mass by John Gray. Austerlitz by Winfried Georg Sebald. I used to
read so much more, but I have been bogged down by touring.


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Times New Viking @ The Echo



Times New Viking


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Brian Eno "By This River"

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Crystal Castles @ The Roxy







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The Ting Tings @ Troubadour






Ting Tings
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Playlist 6-12-08

Playlist 6-12-08 Downtown Artwalk

MGMT "Kids"
The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name"
The Duke Spirit "Send A Little Love Token"
Crystal Castles "Vanished"
Generation X "Ready Steady Go"
Santogold "Creator"
MIA "Paper Planes"
Supergrass "Diamond Hoo Ha Man"
Wall Of Voodoo "Mexican Radio"
The Kills "CHeap and Cheerful"

Bow Wow Wow "I Want Candy"
Bowie "Golden Years"
BRMC "Whatever Happened To My Rock and Roll?"
MGMT "Electric Feel Good"
The Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go"
Klaxons "Golden Skans"
Hot Chip "Ready For The Floor"
CSS "Alala"
Kim Wilde "Kids In America"
Soft Cell "Tainted Love"

Hot Chocolate "You Sexy Thing"
Arcade Fire "Rebellion Lies"
My Chemical Romance "Song 2"
The Rapture "House of Jealous Lovers"
Lene Lovich "Luckey Number"
LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum"
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly "D.A.N.C.E."
Violent Femmes "Gone Daddy Gone"
Crystal Castles "Crimewave"
The Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You"

Yaz "Don't Go"
Grace Jones "Pull Up To The Bumper"
Echo and The Bunnymen "Rescue"
Dio "Rainbow In The Dark"
Junior Boys "In The Morning"
Portishead "Silence"
The Subways "Rock and Roll Queen"
Interpol "Obstacle 1"
My Bloody Valentine "Only Shallow"
Autolux "Blanket"

Blonde Redhead "En Particulier"
Siouxsie and The Banshees "Hong Kong Garden"
Bloc Party "The Prayer"
Gary Numan "Cars"
John Foxx "Metal Beat"
Kraftwerk "Numbers"
Rocky Horror Picture Show OST "Science Fiction"
The Rutles "Doubleback Alley"
Dead Kennedys "Kill The Poor'
Roxy Music "Virginia Plain" (Headman)

CSS "Let's Pretend Were Dead"
The Go! Team "Bottle Rocket"
The B52s "52 Girls"
TV on The Radio "Wolf Like Me"
Ian Dury "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
MGMT "Time To Pretend"
The Ting Tings "We Started Nothing"
Kate Nash "Foundations"
The Strokes "Take It Or Leave It"
Primal Scream "Country Girl"

Modest Mouse "Float On"
The Kooks "Ooh La"
Sniff and The Tears "Drivers Seat"
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Downtown Artwalk DJ Night: THURSDAY June 12th


Downtown Artwalk w/ DJ Alexander

Music Is My Boyfriend™

Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 9:30pm-2am
Bar 107
107 West 4th Street @ Main
Los Angeles, CA

Music is my boyfriend and the Portable Infinite bring you a happy night of light and peace at Bar 107 celebrating the summer solstice and the opening lotus flower.....

No need to bring a partner if you have a good song. It's another amazing night of NEW MUSIC in Downtown LA. It happens the second THURSDAY of every month. DJ Alexander Laurence and guest DJ Andrea Sutterfield.

Alexander Laurence (aka The Portable Infinite)
CELEBRATES VINYL and the year of light

New Indie Rock + New Indie Dance + Select Records from the 70s & 80s + you + me + everyone = Lotus flowers for all

Sexy videos + free stuff + special appearances

It is all FREE and there are no lines

This month expect to hear a lot of Billy Idol, MGMT, Ladytron, Duke Spirit, Santogold, MIA, Ting Tings, My Bloody Valentine, and Portishead. Downtown Artwalk look out!

The Past is dead. We invented the future in 2008
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Darker My Love @ Troubadour

Darker My Love




Stephanie Bay

With Stephanie Bailey (Black Angels)
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